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Change faces every business from Semiconductors to New Media, from Telecommunications to Food Production.  Change is needed to grow, improve margins, remain competitive, secure market share but up-to 92% of change projects fail in at least one major area.

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A well known analytical instruments business supplying research institutes and universities suddenly found commercial uses for it’s product.  Immediately issues of yield, through put, on time delivery and margin became an issue driving the business to a M£1.2 annualised loss.

Business Transformers quickly diagnosed the issues by running failure analysis at each stage of the production.  Engaging the whole team very quickly yield was drive from <25% to >95%, throughput increased from 9 units to 36 units per week, and 3 sites cut to 1.  Over 8 months the profitability was driven up to a M£7.2 annualised rate


A well known maker of custom and semi-custom scientific capital goods with selling prices up to M£18.  Business was experiencing only 50% forecast accuracy, excessive lead time, and poor engagement.

Over 13 months Business Transformers integrated the 3 planning systems into a single S&OP process, instigated a Lean programme, cross skilled the vertical workforce.

The end result was lead time cut from 24 weeks to 11 weeks, inventory slashed, 50% cross skilling.  This drove the business form a M£7pa loss to Breakeven.


This gaming machine manufacturer was facing a high field fault rate, late product development and materials supply problems.

Business Transformers undertook this project as a part time consultant, and harmonised the 19 seperate quality actioning systems into One, installed an NPI planning system based up scarce resource planning principles, and renegotiated supply chain arrangements.

Field fault rate was cust form 37% to 9% over 3 months & continued to fall, on time new projects moved form 90% late to 85% on time, and raw material lead time was reduced by 30%


Case Summaries

The following are some anonymised case studies of Business Transformers Ltd’s projects.  They are only indicative of problems and possible solutions, a more detailed discussion of the particular situation in your business is always the best way to discover whether Business Transformers Ltd can be of help.  Business Transformers Ltd is always ready to meet and discuss challenges, and indeed is usually able to do a free of charge “flash study” (under NDA) for a half day or whole day to get a better idea of scope of the project.

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