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Change faces every business from Semiconductors to New Media, from Telecommunications to Food Production.  Change is needed to grow, improve margins, remain competitive, secure market share but up-to 92% of change projects fail in at least one major area.

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Mediation Services. Donec est nunc!

From time to time in business difficult situations develop, with customers, suppliers, key members of staff - dealing with these is all part of being  involved in the interconnected business world of today.

Unfortunately it can happen that difficulties escalate, positions start to harden and litigation starts to be considered.  There are however alternatives to relationship destroying litigation, probably the most flexible of these is MEDIATION.

MEDIATION is a voluntary, non-binding process conducted by an independent 3rd party, who seeks to promote communication, and resolution to problems.  MEDIATION usually concludes with both parties agreeing to sign a mediation agreement, which documents what they have agreed.

MEDIATION does not limit your options, information divulged during a mediation are not revealed in Court if MEDIATION fails, and indeed the fact that  MEDIATION has been attempted is looked on favourably by the Courts.

Our mediators have a wide experience and are fully trained by the renowned ADR Institute.  Our mediators frequently have qualifications in other areas including science and law .

MEDIATION IS:-hac habitasse platea dictumst.

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